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How to Choose the Perfect Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoo designs are definitely popular right now.

Thanks to their majestic connotations not to mention elegant features, many people are being seduced into have a dragon tattoo on any part of their body.

However, those who are contemplating this type of ink design shouldfirst contemplate exactly how they want their tattoo to look like.

The fact is that there are so many dragon tattoo designs that choosing the perfect one can take some time.

That being said, following are some information that should help individuals decide on what tattoo they want.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning

First off, what exactly does the dragon tattoo symbolize?

Keep in mind that tattoos are mostly permanent so the design must not only be beautiful, it must also reach out to the person wearing it.

Fortunately, the meaning for dragon tattoos is mostly good ranging from power, protection, wisdom and luck.

For those who are born under the sign of the dragon, having this mythical creature tattooed can also be a person move for an individual.

Once the meaning of the tattoo becomes understood and accepted, the next step is to decide what type of dragon tattoo designs will be drawn.

Dragon Tattoo Designs – Types

There are so many dragon tattoo types ranging from culture-based dragons to color based dragons. Some of the most popular dragons hail from Asian cultures including Japan, China and Korea.

At first glance, these dragons do not really differ from each other except for the toes. A Japanese dragon tattoo usually has 3 toes; the

Chinese dragon tattoo has five while the Korean dragon tattoo has four toes.

The toes do not really reflect a change of tattoo meaning but is merely considered as a distinction from where they came from.

One interesting thing about the toes is that they add or subtract depending on which culture tells the story.

For example, the Chinese believe the dragon originally came from them and traveled to Japan, at which point two of its toes fall off.

On the other hand, the Japanese believe the dragon came from them and grew two more toes upon reaching China.

The color of dragon also changes its meaning. For example, the red dragon tattoo is often seen as a representation of fire and are said to be territorial.

On the other hand, the blue dragon can be attributed to water and is seen a noble and kind.

The black dragon is seen as evil, the green
dragon presumed to be a master of politics and the white dragon believed to be intelligent.

Dragon Tattoo Designs – How to Draw Them

After deciding on what type of dragon tattoo designs is best, it’s time to finally have this mythical creature inked. Dragons are often inked as large creatures in deference to their alleged size.

However, it isn’t uncommon to find a dragon tattoo that can fit within the palm of the hand. Dragons are mostly placed on the arms, the shoulders, the back, the lower back and the calves.

Their bodies can also be drawn to twist and curve in accordance with different body parts.

Basically though, how dragon tattoo designs are drawn is a decisionmade by the person having it and may be chosen for aesthetic or emotional reasons.