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Koi Tattoo Designs

Trying to choose from the multiple Koi Tattoo Designs for your next tattoo? Koi tattoos have become quite popular due to the fact that the koi represent overcoming life challenges and have been favored in ponds and water gardens for centuries.

The symbolism of the Koi may greatly reflect instances in one's life and this is why a koi design is chosen.

There are literally thousands of designs you can choose from. You can take one design and alter it slightly by de/increasing the size, adding/removing color or making it your own by embellishing a particular design.

If you can't decide on a particular design, you can always create your own.

Some may be happy with a "generic" design while others want to make it their own. And why shouldn't they as it will be a part of them for the rest of their life.

Every day they, and sometimes others, will see it. The design must be meaningful and worthy to sit through the hours of inking in order to have the desired koi design.

The design could be one found in a book to one that was seen on a passer-by. It could be a design that you found and had an artist embellish it with certain colors and positioned the koi in a particular way.

The design could be of a single to that of multiple koi. The design could be very basic to extremely ornate based on the size, ink colors and other features found within the design that may be involved.

The options are endless so it is best to begin with an idea and then go from there. Consider if where the tattoo will be located on the body.

If the design is extremely detailed, the tattoo may need to be somewhat larger than originally anticipated to ensure that the detail can be clearly seen. The more simpler the image, the smaller the actual tattoo could be.

Details can certainly add to the tattoo and help to create a story. A more calm and loving story could include several flower blossoms and perhaps colors such as pink, purple and yellow. A more intense and emotional story could be told with fangs and claws and colors of deep greens, reds and black.

Also consider which view of the koi do you want. Will be that of a top view, the side or perhaps the koi will be twisted as it is swimming or jumping out of water.

If there will be multiple koi within the image, the koi could be swimming in a circle or grouped together as they might swim in schools of koi.

As you consider the endless possibilities of what the design should ultimately look like, don't forget to consider the time frame that the tattoo artist will need and the cost of the work that you will want done.

Smaller images will of course take a minimal amount of time. Those which may cover the entire back or the full extension of one arm will take much longer especially if the design has multiple layers and colors.

Koi are graceful creatures and certainly have had their strong hold in our world's history. There are an abundant number of beautiful Koi Tattoo Designs that you can choose from whether the koi will be chasing its tail around your ankle or covering your entire back.